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Crusader Kings III: Search and hire court doctor – all information



Crusader Kings III: Search and hire court doctor - all information

Medical care was a critical factor in the Middle Ages. In Crusader Kings III you shouldn’t do without the services of a capable court doctor. We explain how to hire a doctor.

Crusader Kings III: How to Find a Court Doctor

The search for a doctor in Crusader Kings III is basically very simple: Go to the “Hof” area on the right, there is the “Find a doctor” field at the top.

  • It will then take a short time before candidates are presented to you. You can then set this against a certain amount of gold.
  • However, the candidates may not be ideally suited for the job – after all, a court doctor should have the right skills.
  • An alternative is therefore to try using the person search (symbol with the three dots at the bottom of the screen) to find a suitable doctor and bring him to the court, for example by marrying one of your courtiers.
  • You can even use the “doctor” property as a filter. This further narrows the circle of candidates.

Alternatively, it helps to pay attention to a decent value in education and suitable properties. After all, “doctor” is a way of life that can be learned through practice – intelligent, inquisitive people are therefore well suited for the job.

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