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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – How to Get Relic Perk Points



Cyberpunk 2077: Relic Perk

The Phantom Liberty Expansion includes several new items, activities, weapons, cars, and much more that players can start getting by accessing the Phantom Liberty DLC. Not only that, but the Expansion also introduces a new skill tree named Relic Perk to the players which can be utilized to unlock even more powerful skills to enhance cybernetic powers. These Relic Perks are different than the normal skill tree of your character and require Relic Perk Points to unlock new skills that players will have to gain by exploring the new Dogtown area in the game.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get Relic Perk Points in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

How to Get Relic Perk Points in Phantom Liberty

The Relic Perk Skill Tree is exclusive to the players who own the Phantom Liberty DLC Expansion of Cyberpunk 2077. It is not part of the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update and it only unlocks during the first main quest of Phantom Liberty DLC to which only DLC owners have access. Relic Perks Skill Tree is formed up of Militech technology that is used to enhance the Arasaka Relic within V’s Head. Each perk will require a certain number of Relic Perk Points which can be obtained through a couple of methods which are the following.

1. Complete Phantom Liberty Main Quests

Upon unlocking the Relic Perk during the Dog Eat Dog mission, Songbird will give 3 Relic Perk Points which can be used to unlock the first skill from the new Relic Perk Skill Tree. Additionally, as players complete the main quests and progress through the DLC, they will be granted 3 more Relic Perk Points.

2. Find Militech Data Terminals

Completing the main quests will only net you 6 Relic perk Points that can be used to unlock 2 Skills or 4 Skills in total. However, to get more Relic Perk Points, you will have to find the Militech Data Terminals hidden around the Dogtown area. There are 9 Militech Data Terminals that players can find and retrieve data from them netting them 1 Relic Perk Point from each terminal.

The best way to find the Militech Data Terminals is by unlocking all the Fast travel Points in the Dogtown area. All the Militech Data Terminals can be found close to the Fast Travel Points so, make sure to explore each area thoroughly to come across the terminals and retrieve data from them to get access to new skills.

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