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Paleo Pines: How to Get Dreamstone



Paleo Pines: How to Get Dreamstone

The world of Paleo Pines offers various resources and materials that are used for several purposes in the game. Each resource or material is used for its respective purpose and grants you a benefit from that action. One of the most useful materials in Paleo Pines is Dreamstone, a shiny stone that is essential for keeping your tamed and befriended dinosaurs in your Pen.

If you are looking to know how to get Dreamstone in Paleo Pines, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you understand how you can get Dreamstone in Paleo Pines.

How to Get Dreamstone in Paleo Pines

Dreamstone is one of the rare materials in the world of Paleo Pines that can be found throughout different biomes of the world map. When you reach the Ranch at the start of the game, you will see a Dreamstone placed inside the pen near the sleeping spot of Lucky. This is because every dinosaur in Paleo Pines needs its own Dreamstone to keep it inside your pen; otherwise, it will not be happy with you.

There are two types of Dreamstone in Paleo Pines: Larger Dreamstone and Smaller Dreamstone. The Larger Dreamstone is used to keep a large dinosaur happy, and the Smaller Dreamstone is used to keep a small dinosaur happy. So, you will need to get both types of Dreamstone while exploring the biomes of the world map. There are three different biomes in Paleo Pines, and you will be able to find the following number of Dreamstones in them:

  • Veridian Valley: 5 Small Dreamstones and 6 Large Dreamstones
  • Dapplewood: 2 Small Dreamstones and 5 Large Dreamstones
  • Ariacotta Canyon: 2 Small Dreamstones and 3 Large Dreamstones

While exploring the biomes, look for the Shiny Pink Crystals and go near them to forage them to get Dreamstone. You will not need any type of tool to forage the items in Paleo Pines, and this is also the case with Dreamstone. Simply, go near the stone you found and press the interaction key to forage it. Later, you will be able to place the Dreamstone inside your pen once you have tamed and befriended a new Dinosaur using a Flute.

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