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Paleo Pines: How to Do Farming – Complete Guide



Paleo Pines: How to Do Farming – Complete Guide

Farming is one of the key aspects of the game that allows you to grow crops, which can be used for several purposes. You can use crops in various cooking recipes, sell them to earn Shells and feed them to dinosaurs to keep them happy. Growing various crops will increase your chances of befriending more dinosaurs and cooking more cooking recipes, which will benefit you in several ways.

This guide will assist you in farming and growing crops in Paleo Pines, along with all the important tips you need to keep in mind while farming.

Items Required for Farming in Paleo Pines

The basic premise for farming in Paleo Pines is similar to other farming games, which will require certain items to begin farming. In Paleo Pines, you can begin farming with the following items:

Seeds can be obtained from different methods throughout the game. At the early stage, you will be able to buy the seeds from the Pebble Plaza. As you progress ahead in the game, you will witness several events. During these events, you can find various seeds on your Ranch. Lastly, you can get more seeds from the Market in the Ariacotta Canyon biome.

How to Do Farming

There are four main steps for farming in Paleo Pines that you need to perform for basic care of the crops to help them grow:

  • Till the Soil: The very first step is to till the soil with the Hoe. Find a spot for farming in your Ranch area and equip the Hoe from your inventory. Use the Hoe by left-clicking to till the soil block by block.
  • Plant Seeds: Once the soil has been tilled, it’s time to plant the seeds in them. Open your inventory to select the seeds and place them in the tilled soil by left-clicking.
  • Water the Seeds: After planting the seeds, you need to water them. Open your inventory to select the Watering Can to water them by left-clicking. If the watering can doesn’t have water in it, you need to fill it up from the pond located at the entrance to your Ranch. The seeds will take a few days to mature, and you need to water the seeds every day.
  • Harvest the Crops: Once the seeds have been fully matured and turned into the crops, it’s time to harvest them. Go near the crops and interact to harvest them.
harvest in Paleo Pines

Important Tips for Farming in Paleo Pines

Apart from basic farming techniques in Paleo Pines, there are other mechanics as well that work alongside general farming:

  • Remove Weeds: Seeds take a few days to mature, and while they are growing, you will witness growing weeds on your soil. You need to remove the weeds by interacting with them, as they can slow down the growth speed of the planted seed.
  • Plant the Seed in Perfect Soil: Every crop has a perfect soil in which it should be grown. Growing crops in their respective perfect soil will give you a greater yield. The soil you tilled will change on every harvest, and it is a bad idea to replant the seeds of the same crops on the same soil.
  • Plant the Crops in their Correct Season: Crops also have their required season, but you can grow any crop at any time. The game does not restrict you from planting the crop, but you do get a boost in the quality of the crop if you grow it in its correct season.
  • Use Dinosaurs’ Ability for Farming: Your dinosaurs can also help you with your basic farming steps, but you need a certain dinosaur for every step. Each dinosaur has a couple of skills that will get you to newer areas of the world map, but if you tame and befriend the dinosaurs with Tiller, Waterer, and Ground Harvester, you will be able to utilize them to do farming easily and on a large scale because dinosaurs have more stamina than your character.

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