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Paleo Pines: How to Tame and Befriend Dinosaurs



Paleo Pines: How to Tame and Befriend Dinosaurs

Befriending dinosaurs is one of the main aspects of Paleo Pines, which allows players to tame and befriend various dinosaur species found around in the different biomes of the world map. However, there are certain necessities and requirements for each dinosaur species that players must fulfill to successfully befriend them. Dinosaurs can be used to reach new areas and biomes, as well as in farming.

If you are having trouble taming and befriending dinosaurs in Paleo Pines, then this guide is for you. We will help you with the process of taming and befriending dinosaurs in Paleo Pines.

How to Tame and Befriend Dinosaurs

Taming and befriending different dinosaur species can only be achieved with the help of your Flute tool, so make sure that you have unlocked the Flute by progressing to the third day of the game. Once you have unlocked the Flute, you will be able to tame and befriend the dinosaurs found in different areas of the biomes by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your inventory to equip the Flute and approach a dinosaur.
  2. Play the Red Tune three times to initiate the “Yoohoo” command to get the attention of the dinosaur. Once the dinosaur has your attention, the camera angle will change to the side.
  3. Focus on the Friend Call of the dinosaur. Every dinosaur species has its unique friend call, so you need to pay attention to the color of the notes that the dinosaur sings for you.
  4. Now, play the Friend Call of the dinosaur back to the dinosaur with your Flute to start the Taming Mini-game.
  5. During the taming mini-game, you need to set the scale on the Green Spot in the meter to successfully tame the dinosaur by feeding, soothing, or befriending. Make sure to keep the scale on the right side (excited). If the scale moves to the left side (boredom), the dinosaur will not show any interest and might run away. To keep the scale on the right side, offer some food to the dinosaur. If you offer the dinosaur its favorite food, it will get excited. The soothing action will allow you to calm down the dinosaur if it gets too excited.
  6. Once the scale is on the Green Spot, it’s time to befriend it by selecting the befriend option. This will allow you to give a Poppin to the dinosaur. If you give the correct type of Poppin to the dinosaur, it will let you pet it and become your friend.

Note: Different types of Poppins can be bought from the Pebble Plaza in the Valley biome. Make sure to have a few Poppins in your inventory before you go tame and befriend a dinosaur.

You can name your new friend, and it will start following you around. If you want to keep your new friend, you must provide it with a home with all the necessities to keep it happy.

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