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Paleo Pines: How to Discover Items and Add Them to Your Journal



Paleo Pines: How to Discover Items and Add Them to Your Journal

The world of Paleo Pines is filled with many resources and materials, as well as flowers, crops, and tens of different dinosaur species. All of the gatherable items, crops, and dinosaurs have unique properties that are important to know in order to gain certain advantages from them or to get a general understanding of the item, which can help you later in the game. One of the key features that are somewhat hidden but can be done fairly easily is discovering items and adding them to the Journal to view all possible properties of the items.

If you want to get more information on items that you forage or buy in Paleo Pines, then this guide is for you. We will tell you how you can discover items and add them to the Journal to reveal their properties in Paleo Pines.

How to Discover Items and Add Them to Your Journal in Paleo Pines

The Journal is the very first tool and one of the most beneficial tools in Paleo Pines that you will unlock early in the game. You will receive the Journal from Owynn at the start of the second day, and from that point on, you can start adding almost every resource, material, crop, flower, and dinosaur species to your journal to view their properties. For instance, if you want to know in which season certain crops grow, you can find that out by adding certain crops to your Journal so that you don’t forget about them later in the game.

To discover items and add them to your journal, follow these steps:

  1. The items that can be discovered and added to the Journal will show a Book symbol when you are near them or walk past them. If you see such an item, stop and go near it.
  2. Open your backpack and select the Journal.
  3. Hold down the interaction key to add the item to your journal.
  4. Once the item has been added to the journal, it will be discovered and you will be able to see all of its properties on the respective page of the journal.
Paleo Pines: How to Discover Items and Add Them to Your Journal

In addition to items, you can also discover locations in the biomes to get an idea of where you are on the map and what goodies you can find in such an environment. So, make sure to add things to the Journal to have all possible information about everything, which will help you a lot in the late game.

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