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Paleo Pines: How to Construct a Pen



Paleo Pines: How to Construct a Pen

Constructing a pen is one of the essential actions in the game that players must perform in order to keep the dinosaurs they have tamed and befriended. All dinosaur species need a home, and you must provide them with one by constructing a pen with all the necessary items to keep them happy.

If you are looking to know how to construct a pen in Paleo Pines, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how to construct a pen in Paleo Pines.

How to Construct a Pen in Paleo Pines

There are several things that are required for constructing a pen in Paleo Pines. All of the essential items for constructing a pen include the following:

  • Wooden Rope Fence
  • Wooden Gate
  • Wooden Trough

All of these essential items can be purchased from Marlo at his shop in Pebble Plaza. The Wooden Rope Fence is used to create the boundary of the pen, and you will need a number of Wooden Rope Fences to place around the area in which you want to keep your tamed dinosaurs. The Wooden Gate is necessary for both you and the dinosaurs to enter and exit the pen. The Wooden Trough is necessary for feeding the dinosaurs, so it is crucial to place a trough in the pen and leave food in it to keep your dinosaurs happy.

Now that all of the things required for constructing a pen have been discussed, it’s time to learn how to actually do it. Follow these steps to construct a pen:

  1. Get all of the essential items from Marlo’s shop. Rope Fences will cost you 10 Shells each, a Gate will cost you 100 Shells, and Troughs will also cost you 100 Shells.
  2. Now, go to your Ranch and select the fences from your inventory to enter Placement Mode.
  3. Place the fences around the area in which you want to keep the dinosaurs.
  4. After placing the fences, select the gate from the inventory and place it on the fences.
  5. Finally, select the trough and place it in a suitable location inside the pen.
construct pen in Paleo pines

Performing all of these steps will construct a new pen for your dinosaurs in Paleo Pines where you can keep them happy. If you tame more dinosaurs, be sure to add more troughs, and don’t forget the Dreamstones, as they are necessary for keeping the dinosaurs even though they are befriended.

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