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Dave the Diver – How to Get Copper Ore



Dave the Diver: How to Get Copper Ore

In order to get advanced equipment for diving along with new weapons, players must have to gather useful materials that are required for new equipment. One of the early materials that players would have to find is the Copper Ore. It is the first type of Ore that players can find pretty early in the game and it can be used to craft new weapons.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Copper Ore in Dave the Diver.

How to Get Copper Ore in Dave the Diver

Copper Ore is one of the materials that can only be obtained from diving. Since it is one of the early materials in the game, it can be found pretty quickly. Copper Ore can only be obtained from breaking Copper Ore Shards. The Copper Ore Shards are of brown color which can be safe to say that they are copper color and can be easily identified in the water. One of the early Copper Ore Shards can be found within 22 meters of the depth of Blue Hole.

While going in the depth, keep swimming towards the right side until the Copper Ore Shard appears. Go around the area to find the entrance of the location and then equip the Dive Knife to break down the shard to collect the Copper Ores. Each Copper Ore Shard will break down into three Copper Ores. Each single Copper Ore will weigh about 0.4 kg so, make sure that you have enough capacity to hold on to all of the copper ores to safely return to the surface with the Copper Ores.

Getting Copper Ore

Make sure not to sell the copper ores early in the game as they would be used later in the game to craft a new weapon.

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