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Dave the Diver Salt Guide – Where to get it



Unearthing Salt in Dave the Diver: A Comprehensive Guide

In the captivating game of Dave the Diver, players can discover a variety of condiments to enrich their restaurant recipes, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and profit. Among these ingredients, salt is one that can be easily obtained and used to enhance any sushi recipe at the restaurant.

In this guide, we’ll explore how and where to get salt in Dave the Diver.

Where to get Salt in Dave the Diver

Salt is primarily obtained from diving into the Blue Hole, but it can also be rewarded by various NPCs for completing their side quests. However, players won’t be able to acquire any salt until they’ve completed the game’s prologue. As they embark on the first chapter, “Traces of the Sea People”, new types of loot points will emerge at different depth levels. The loot point that players should be on the lookout for is the Crockpot.

The Crockpot: A Treasure Trove of Salt

The Crockpot, a shiny red pot found in the depths, is a primary source of salt. These pots are typically located at least 40m deep into the water, so it’s crucial to upgrade your diving suit to increase your depth limit. With a Level 2 diving suit, players can dive up to 80m deep, providing ample opportunities to discover several Crockpots.

Harvesting Salt from Crockpots

Upon spotting a Crockpot, players simply need to loot it to obtain the salt. The salt will automatically be stored in the inventory, ready to be sold or used to enhance a recipe at the restaurant.

By following this guide, players can effectively gather salt, a valuable ingredient for enhancing sushi recipes and boosting profits in their restaurants. Happy diving and cooking!

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