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Dungeons 4: How to Build Gobbler Farm



Dungeons 4: Gobbler Farm

Keeping your Hordes alive in the dungeons is crucial for finding your way out of the trapped dungeons in Dungeons 4 and one of the rooms that you need to build as soon as possible is Gobbler Farm. Gobbler Farm is used for producing Gobblers for your Hordes and Demons to keep them strong and eligible for fighting the enemies throughout the dungeons.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build Gobbler Farm in Dungeons 4.

How to Build Gobbler Farm in Dungeons 4

The Gobbler Farm is used to produce Gobblers that your Hordes and Demons love eating to fill their hunger. You need to keep your various Hordes and Demons happy to strengthen them to take out the enemies as you expand your settlement and find a way out of the dungeons. To build a Gobbler Farm in Dungeons 4, you have to at least build a 5×5 tiles room in the dungeon and place down the Gobbler Farm Construction.

The Gobbler Farm Construction is unlocked by researching Dungeon Level 1 from the Research Menu. It will cost 200 Gold to unlock Level 1 of the Dungeon unlocking various types of rooms including the Gobbler Farm. After that, you need to research Level 1 of Gobbler Farm which will cost you 500 Gold. Once you have unlocked the Gobbler Farm, open the Construction Menu. Select the Gobbler Farm Construction, and place them over the 5×5 tiles that you built.

Wait for the Snots to build the Gobbler Farm and once they have finished building the farm, you will be able to see Gobbler grow in the farm. As you progress ahead and unlock Hordes and Demons through the Research Menu, they will be able to feed on Gobblers to stay happy and fight for you. You can remove the extra walls and doors within the area of the Gobbler Farm to increase its effectiveness to produce Gobblers at a high rate. 

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