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Dungeons 4: How to Demolish Rooms & Structures



Dungeons 4 - Demolish Rooms and Structures

Building the rooms and structures around your settlement is one of the crucial aspects of Dungeons 4 as they are a necessity for providing for your creatures along with various other things. Progressing through a dungeon will require a lot of work for which you need various kinds of rooms to help you in the process but there is a possibility that you might end up with a room or a structure that you don’t need or built mistakenly. If that’s the case then you should probably learn how to demolish the rooms and structures that you don’t require for your further adventure in Dungeons 4.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to demolish rooms and various structures in Dungeons 4.

How to Demolish Rooms & Structures

The demolition process in Dungeons 4 is very effective and simple as it can make space for the needed rooms and structures than previously built rooms and structures. To demolish a room or a structure such as work units, traps, and doors, you need to select the Construction Menu from the top left corner of the screen and select the ‘Demolish’ option located in the top right corner of the menu. The Demolish option has an icon of a bomb but worry not it does not explode your room or damage any surroundings as it simply removes the existing room/structure.

After selecting the demolish option, move over to the area from where you want to demolish rooms and structures and select them one by one by pressing the LMB to remove them instantly. Unfortunately, you will not get your spent Gold back from demolishing any room or structure but the built section and passage will remain the same allowing you to build a new room and structure without spending more gold on digging.

If you have removed an unnecessary trap or a door and created an empty tile, then use the fill empty tile option to fill up the tile to keep the passage sustained and the room’s efficiency high.

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