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Dungeons 4: How to Unlock and Place Traps



Dungeons 4 - Unlock and Place Traps

Having your creatures and traps fortified in your settlement in the dungeon is crucial for stopping any enemies trespassing into your dungeon. Traps will slow down the trespassers as they walk over and through the traps but you must first unlock the traps before placing them down around the dungeon.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock and place traps in Dungeons 4.

How to Unlock Traps in Dungeons 4

There are several kinds of Traps in Dungeons 4 divided into two main types that players will get to unlock through the Research Menu. Both of the types have their own Research Node that players must research to unlock all kinds of traps. The two Trap types in Dungeon 4 are Floor Traps and Simple Traps. Each trap type contains different kinds of traps that will unlock under the Traps menu after researching the trap type.

Researching the Floor Trap will require a Dungeon Level 2 which will cost you 300 Gold and upon unlocking the Research Node of Floor Trap, you will have to spend 1,000 Gold to research it. After researching the Floor Trap, it will unlock the following traps in the Traps Menu.

  • Small Spike Trap
  • Spike Trap
  • Small Slime Trap
  • Slime Trap

The Simple Traps also require a Dungeon Level 2 to unlock its Research Node and will require 1,000 Gold to research it unlocking the following kinds of traps.

  • Thresher
  • Pusher
  • Saw Trap

How to Place Traps in Dungeons 4

Traps require Gold and Toolboxes as a resource to be built and placed around the dungeon in Dungeons 4. Gold can be gathered by mining around the dungeon but to get the Toolboxes, you must set up a Workshop. Once you have built a Workshop and placed down the Create-O-Map machines, you will start producing Toolboxes. Upon having both of the required resources, you need to go into the Traps Menu and select a trap you want to place or alternatively, the traps that can be built will also be showing on the top right corner of the screen under the total number of Toolboxes.

You can select the trap you want to build and place it at a desired position around the dungeon by pressing the LMB. Once placed, you need to wait for Snots to finish building it and then it will be functional and activate when any enemy trespasses near it.

As you progress further into the game, you will be able to upgrade the level of your traps from the Research Menu at the cost of Gold and Evilness so, make sure to expand your operations in the dungeons as well as in the overworld to have the required resources for more advanced traps.

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