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Dungeons 4: How to Fill Up Empty Tiles



Dungeons 4 - Fill Up Empty Tiles

Digging around the dungeon to retrieve useful resources like Gold and Evilness will often drive you to mine a single tile at various locations. The ordered tiles will get mined by your Snots and be left as empty tiles in the dungeon which will not be an issue of any kind but does affect the passage area restricting you from placing down a Trap. To fix up the empty tiles players must know how to fill them up so that they can build and place traps in the surroundings of crucial rooms to protect them from the enemies.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to fill up empty tiles in Dungeons 4.

How to Fill Up Empty Tiles in Dungeons 4

Filling up the Empty Tiles in Dungeons 4 is very simple as you need to order a Snot to Fill Empty Tile from the Construction Menu. To do so, open the Construction Menu where all of your rooms’ icons are shown, and select the ‘Fill Empty Tile’ option with an icon of a moving cart in the top left corner of the menu. Once selected, move over to the area with empty tiles and select them by pressing the LMB. It will order the Snots to go over to each empty tile and fill them up again.

However, you cannot use it to fill up the sections or lengthy passages inside the dungeon. It will only apply to single-mined tiles around the dungeon. So, if you are digging through the mines to find more Gold Veins or looking to expand the area of your settlement, keep in mind that you cannot shut off the built sections and passage but what you can do is fill empty tiles in those areas and place traps along the passage to prevent any trespassers from coming into your settlement.

Reaching new bounds from your Dungeon Heart will get you close to the boundaries of various enemies’ settlements that you can overtake but it will require a proper strategy as the enemies’ will try to first breach into your settlement before you make any move. So, keep sustainable passages inside your settlement to tackle any trespassing enemies.

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