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Dungeons 4: How to Increase Population Points



Dungeons 4 - Increase Population Points

Building an Army of Evil early on in the game can be very helpful for both defending your settlements and overtaking the nearby enemies’ settlements. Thalya’s Army is filled with various Horde Creatures and Demons that can be hired through the Research Menu but only a limited number of creatures could be hired early due to low Population Points.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase Population Points in Dungeons 4.

How to Increase Population Points in Dungeons 4

The Population Points constitute the total number of creatures and demons you can have in your Army. It can be seen on the top of the screen beside the total number of Snots. Increasing the Population Points will allow you to hire more creatures to strengthen the Army. To increase the Population Points in Dungeon 4, players will have to do Faction Research and Level it up. The Factions are shown inside the Research Menu as Dungeon, Horde, Demons, and Undead.

By researching these Factions, you will increase population points for certain factions. For instance, the Horde Faction’s Population Points can be increased to a total of 10 by researching it and leveling it up to Level 2. Initially, players will start with 5 Horde Creatures in total and as they progress ahead and level up the Horde Faction by spending Gold, it will increase the Population points.

  • Horde Faction Level 1 – Costs 750 Gold, increases Population Points by 3.
  • Horde Faction Level 2 – Costs 1250 Gold, increases Population Points by 2.

The same procedure goes for the rest of the Factions to increase their respective Population Points so, make sure to gather up the required resources for Researching and Leveling the Factions to have the maximum number of Population Points.

Keep in mind that, the creatures that you get during the mission in the overworld are not taken into account for the population limit as they are only for the time period of the objective/mission.

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