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Dungeons 4: How to Increase The Number Of Snots



Dungeons 4: Increase Snots

There are various kinds of creatures that players will get to unlock as they progress through the adventure who will help Thalya in achieving her goal of taking out Good from the world. The earliest creatures that players will get to control are the Little Snots. These creatures are great builders and miners who will help Thalya build her Settlement inside the dungeon near the Dungeon Heart and mine around to find a way to the overworld.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase the number of Snots in Dungeons 4.

How to Increase the Number of Snots in Dungeons 4

As players complete the 1st prologue chapter of the game and reach the first dungeon, they will start with 8 Little Snots. These 8 Little Snots will follow the orders that players will give using the Hand of Terror to gather Gold and build various kinds of rooms. Due to the low number of Snots, the work ratio will be slower and players will have to wait for the Snots to finish one task to start the other. However, the number of Snots can be increased by upgrading the Dungeon Level in the Research Menu.

The Dungeon is the first section in your Research Menu with up to 3 Levels. Researching each level of the Dungeon will unlock new Rooms that can be built around the dungeons for several purposes and increase a certain number of Little Snots.

  • Dungeon Level 1: Costs 200 Gold and Increase Little Snots by +4.
  • Dungeon Level 2: Costs 300 Gold and Increase Little Snots by +4.
  • Dungeon Level 3: Costs 500 Gold and Increase Little Snots by +3.

It is best to unlock all 3 levels of Dungeon as soon as possible to have 19 Snots at your disposal to remove tiles and build rooms quickly. Removing the tiles will help you find more resources like Gold and Evilness which are required throughout the whole adventure so, keep ordering the Snots to explore more of the dungeon to gather all the possible resources.

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