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Dungeons 4: How to Build Hideout



Dungeons 4: Hideout

Mining your way out of the dungeon to the overworld will require you to build various kinds of rooms within the dungeon to gain and provide for your overall faction and population. Without your population, you cannot dig your way out and certainly not do well against the enemies who will try to get into your settlements from time to time. It is crucial to have your creatures around the working Snots to defend the settlement upon arrival of any danger. However, your creatures do require repose for which you need to build a Hideout.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build Hideout in Dungeons 4.

How to Build a Hideout in Dungeons 4

Hideout is one of the rooms specifically for your Hordes including all kinds of Creatures. All the newly hired Horde Creatures will go to the Hideout to set up their Bunks and will return to the Hideout to take a break now and then to heal. The Horde also requires Gobblers to satisfy their hunger for which you need to build a Gobbler Farm.

To build a Hideout in Dungeons 4, you have to at least build a 6×6 tiles room in the dungeon and place down the Hideout Construction. The Hideout Construction is unlocked by researching Horde Level 1 from the Research Menu. It will cost 750 Gold to unlock Level 1 of the Horde unlocking various types of creatures including the Hideout. After that, you need to research Level 1 of Hideout which will cost you 500 Gold. Once you have unlocked the Hideout, open the Construction Menu. Select the Hideout Construction, and place them over the 6×6 tiles that you built.

Wait for the Snots to build the Hideout and once they have finished building the room, you will be able to hire new creatures by placing down their bunks in the Hideout. Without the Hideout, you cannot hire creatures so, keep in mind that as you progress, you will require more Hideouts to hire more creatures.

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