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Dungeons 4: How to Unlock and Hire Creatures



Dungeons 4 - Unlock and Hire Creatures

Surviving in the dungeons and the overworld will require a lot of deadly creatures who are willing to take down the Good. Building an Army of Evil in Dungeons 4 is necessary for taking out the opposition, the Good. Thalya needs to get revenge on her step-brother, Tristan for which players must hire various Creatures and Demons to build her an Army.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock and hire creatures in Dungeons 4.

How to Unlock and Hire Creatures in Dungeons 4

The starting creatures of the game that players will get are Snots when they reach the dungeon. The Snots are non-violent creatures and they only provide you the service of digging around the dungeon to mine Gold or find a way out and building various rooms in the dungeon. The violent creatures that players need to unlock and hire are the Horde Creatures and Demons which can be unlocked through the Research Menu.

Open the Research Menu to find both Horde and Demons sections and meet the requirements for the 1st Level of them to unlock the Horde Creatures and Demons. After that, you need to research a creature type that you wish to hire which will cost you a certain amount of resources. Researching the creature type will unlock the creature in the Creatures Menu from where you can select the unlocked creatures and place their Bunks in the Hideout to hire them for a certain amount of Gold. Every creature type has its certain price for hiring so, make sure that you have stored enough Gold in the Treasury.

Once the bunk of the creature has been built, the creature will join the current population of your army and help you around whenever needed or you can use the Hand of Terror to place them quickly around the enemies.

You need to do that for all of your creatures for which you will need a lot of Gold along with Evilness and several Hideouts with Gobbler Farms because your hired creatures have to eat as their favorite food is Gobbler.

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