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Dungeons 4: How to Build Doors



Dungeons 4 - Build Doors

Doors are one of the structures in Dungeons 4 that are mainly used for securing the settlement from any trespassers. Doors can be placed in the built passages and at the entrance of the rooms to delay the enemies from stealing any Gold from the rooms and destroying them. They are also necessary for increasing the efficiency of the rooms to increase the rate of bonus granted by the rooms.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to build doors in Dungeons 4.

How to Build Doors in Dungeons 4

Building the doors around the dungeon will require you to first unlock its research node and then research the door node to unlock it. To do so, you need to reach Dungeon Level 2 at the cost of 300 Gold in the Research Menu to unlock the Door Research Node. After that, research the Door for 800 Gold to unlock it under the Traps menu. Upon unlocking the door structure, you will be able to build and place it at a cost of 250 Gold and 1x Toolboxes each. Simply select the door option from the traps menu and place it along the passage or at the entrance of the room by pressing the LMB.

Every door that you build and place will cost the same resources and the main resource is Toolboxes for which you need to set up a Workshop and place Create-O-Map in it. The Create-O-Map machine produces Toolboxes in the Workshop that can be used for building doors and traps.

It will take some time for you to set up all the required structures before you get to build and place doors but once you have made enough progress, make sure to unlock doors and build them at the entrances of the rooms to increase their efficiency.

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