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Dungeons 4: How to Heal Your Creatures



Dungeons 4 - Heal Creatures

The Creatures that you hire are the main Army of Evil who will help you both in dungeons and in the overworld to fight other evil enemies and heroes. It is crucial for you to provide for your creatures and heal them to keep them alive. If you lose one of your creatures, you will have to hire them again costing you more Gold.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to heal your creatures in Dungeons 4.

How to Heal Your Creatures in Dungeons 4

There are a few ways to heal your creatures in Dungeons 4 and one of the most effective ones is placing their bunks in the Hideout. All the Horde Creatures will come back to their beds to rest to heal themselves from time to time in the Hideout and if you haven’t placed a bunk for any creature, the creature will get angry as time goes by and start attacking the dungeon. Make sure to build Hideouts and place the bunks of the creatures according to the total number of creatures you have hired to provide healing for all of them.

You must also provide creatures with food which is Gobbler. If a creature is low or hungry, it will eat Gobbler to fill its hunger to replenish its Hit Points. The Gobbler can be produced at a Gobbler Farm so, make sure that you have a few Gobbler Farms in your dungeon to provide food for the creatures.

Lastly, you can use Naga Creature to heal other Orcs and other creatures in your party. Naga is a snake creature which is a Ranged Combat unit that deals magic damage to enemies. It has a passive ability to heal nearby ally creatures one at a time. Having 4 to 5 Naga creatures in your total population will be enough for a small army to fight and get healed at the same time.

Your creatures will gain experience from every fight that they encounter and as they level up, their Hit Points will increase along with Damage output making them stronger over time. However, you must upgrade Horde and Demons Research Level to increase their maximum level limit. The higher the creature’s level, the stronger it will get and will require less healing than other low-level creatures.

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