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Dungeons 4: How to Get & Store Evilness



Dungeons 4 - Evilness

Evilness is one of the crucial resources alongside Gold in Dungeons 4 that is required for both researching new Rooms and Creatures as well as upgrading them and using Thalya’s skills. Thalya’s spells are not cast for free as each spell will cost a certain amount of Evilness which can turn the tides in your favor during a war against the Goods.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and store Evilness in Dungeons 4.

How to Get Evilness in Dungeons 4

The Evilness is mainly obtained from defeating the heroes either in a battle or in prison. If you manage to capture a hero and bring them to prison, you can suffocate them until they die in prison to get more Evilness than the base Evilness value. However, there are also other ways to get Evilness which will get you started in earning more Evilness over time.

  • Capture the Strongholds in the overworld.
  • Destroy the settlements of Good in the overworld.
  • Destroy villages in the overworld.
  • Defeat the Evil Bosses in the dungeons.
  • Capture the Heroes in the Torture Chamber to torture them and use the Hand of Terror to unconscious them.

All of these activities can earn you Evilness and it will gradually increase over time. However, you must store the Evilness to actually utilize them as earning them will not let you consume the Evilness, similar to Gold.

How to Store Evilness in Dungeons 4

The Evilness can only be stored inside the Vault of Evilness room similar to Gold which can only be stored in Treasury to utilize it. To build a Vault of Evilness in Dungeons 4, you have to at least build a 5×5 tiles room in the dungeon and place down the Vault of Evilness Construction.

The Vault of Evilness Construction is unlocked by researching Dungeon Level 1 from the Research Menu. It will cost 200 Gold to unlock Level 1 of the Dungeon unlocking various types of rooms including the Vault of Evilness. After that, you need to research Level 1 of Vault of Evilness which will cost you 500 Gold. Once you have unlocked the Vault of Evilness, open the Construction Menu. Select the Vault of Evilness Construction, and place them over the 5×5 tiles that you built.

Wait for the Snots to finish building the Vault of Evilness room and once they have finished building it, they will gather all the Evilness and store it in the Vault of Evilness. The total amount of gathered Evilness will show on the top of the screen giving you an overview of how much Evilness you have stored.

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