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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Solve All Shogi Minigame Puzzles



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Shogi Minigame All Puzzles

Shogi Minigame is one of the infamous side activities in the Like A Dragon series that a lot of players might be familiar with due to Yakuza or Kiwami. Like A Dragon Gaiden also offers the Shogi activity with many puzzles and solutions in which players can partake to earn money and points.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the solutions to all puzzles of Shogi Minigame in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Solve All Shogi Minigame Puzzles in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Shogi is one of the Asian Tabletop games that has made its appearance again in Gaiden. The players who have played the previous games might be familiar with the minigame and the actual mechanics of moving the pieces on the board to solve the puzzles. However, the Shogi Minigame in Gaiden offers 10 new puzzles that will require you to solve the puzzle in a certain amount of time.

The minigame becomes available to the players right after completing the 1st chapter of the game and making their way to Sotenbori. Players can find the Shogi Minigame in the southern part of the city by talking to an NPC and selecting Shogi specifically. Once started, there will be 10 puzzles in total that players can complete under the time limit to earn points.

  • Puzzle 1: Position your Gold General between the enemy King and your Silver General.
  • Puzzle 2: Transfer the captured Silver General (located on the right side of the screen) to the square below and to the right of the Enemy King.
  • Puzzle 3: Maneuver your Rook between the enemy King and your Knight without promoting the Rook.
  • Puzzle 4: Shift your Rook one square down and to the right, placing it to the left of the Enemy King.
  • Puzzle 5: Place your Knight in the central space among the Enemy King and your three pawns.
  • Puzzle 6: (Turn 1) Move your captured Knight to the left of your Gold General, putting the Enemy King in Check, causing it to retreat one space. (Turn 2) Advance your unpromoted Pawn one space forward next to the Enemy King and promote the Pawn.
  • Puzzle 7: (Turn 1) Move the Silver General closest to the Enemy King down and right, compelling the Enemy King to move in the same direction. (Turn 2) Adjust the other Silver General, positioned behind your Knight, to face the Enemy King.
  • Puzzle 8: (Turn 1) Move your Bishop down and to the right, positioning it next to the Enemy King, compelling the King to move upward and to the right. (Turn 2) Place your captured Rook to the right of the Enemy King.
  • Puzzle 9: (Turn 1) Utilize your Silver General positioned above the Enemy King to capture the Enemy Gold General located down and to the left of your Silver General, causing the Enemy King to shift one space to the right. (Turn 2) Move the captured Gold General to a position directly in front of the Enemy King.
  • Puzzle 10: (Turn 1) Position your Knight between the three Enemy Pawns, just below the Enemy King, prompting the King to move down and to the left. (Turn 2) Advance your promoted Bishop one space to the right.

Make sure to complete every puzzle under the time limit and don’t forget to spend your Shogi Points with the NPC in exchange for gear items as well as valuable items like Plates that can be sold at Ebisu Pawnshop for instant money.

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