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Like A Dragon Gaiden: Where to Find Troubled Mother’s Missing Son



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Troubled Mother's Missing Son

Finding Troubled Mother’s Missing Son is one of the requests that you will get to complete for Akame Network to earn Akame Points that will help you level up the Akame Network. The request will require you to find the missing son who got lost in a crowded area and bring him back to his mother.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Troubled Mother’s Missing Son in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

Where to Find Troubled Mother’s Missing Son in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Before you get to find the missing son, you need to first accept the request of the Troubled Mother. You can find the Troubled Mother on the northeast corner of E. Sontenbori Street. The individual will be marked with an exclamation marker on the map. Make your way to the location to talk to the troubled mother and accept the request.

Once you have accepted the request, you need to make your way to Shofukucho Street behind Ashitaba Park. You can reach it by going in the south direction, crossing the Iwao bridge to reach the other side of the lake, and turning to the west side. As you come across E. Shofukucho Street, go to its end and turn south to notice a kid standing against a wall with an eye icon.

Go near the kid and interact with him to tell him that his mother is troubled for him. Now, make your way back to the Troubled Mother to bring back his son and complete the request.

Rewards for Finding Troubled Mother’s Missing Son

Completing the request will give you the following rewards.

  • 700 Akame Points
  • 25,000 Yen

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