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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Get Akame Points Fast



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Akame Points

Akame Points are one of the currencies used in Like A Dragon Gaiden that players should consider learning as soon as they meet Akame for the first time while progressing in the main story. Players can utilize Akame Points to buy useful gear items from Akame Shop at Akame’s Hideout which can help players compete at Coliseum fights. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Akame Points quickly in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Get Akame Points Fast in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Players will get to meet Akame early in Chapter 2: Castle on the Water and will get to complete a couple of requests that will grant them new gadgets. Once they have unlocked Akame’s Hideout, they will get access to Akame Network which they can invest in and level up to increase the rate of Akame Points and money. The Akame Network offers various side quests that players can complete to earn Akame Points and there are three main types of tasks that you need to complete to get Akame Points.

  • Stroll ‘N Patrol Missions: The Stroll ‘N Patrol missions are unlocked as you progress through the main story and become available on the map. Track down the missions from the map and complete them to start earning Akame Points right from the second chapter of the game.
  • Requests: The Requests are generally the side quests in Like A Dragon Gaiden similar to previous installments in the series. These requests are also marked on the map and will earn you useful gear items and many Akame Points.
  • Akame’s Checklist: Akame’s Checklist is the last and the longest task that you can complete to earn thousands of Akame Points. The checklist includes various milestones that you need to complete such as participating in every minigame and breaking a certain number of objects.

The fastest way to earn Akame points early in the game is by completing the Stroll ‘N Patrol Missions and Requests. Stroll ‘N Patrol Missions can be sometimes a few minutes long but requests are short missions that can be completed in a couple of minutes. You need to spend in various operations of the Akame Network to increase its Level which will unlock more operations and reward you with various bonuses such as less cost of Akame Points while buying from the Akame Shop, earning more Akame Points from completing requests, and much more.

Make sure to invest in the operations to ease up the process of earning the Akame Points as leveling up the Akame Network not only helps you with earning more Akame Points but unlocks more of Kiryu’s upgrades.

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