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Like A Dragon Gaiden: Where to Find Contact Lenses



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Contact Lenses

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name offers several gear items that players will be able to buy, find, and earn throughout their playthrough. The gear items provide certain bonuses to their attack and defense power but some of the gear items also hold special hidden abilities. One of the early useful gear items that players can get is Contact Lenses that can help players locate all 50 Locker Keys.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find contact lenses in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

Where to Find Contact Lenses in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The Contact Lenses gear item is achievable from two different methods in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

  • Open the D2 Locker.
  • Purchase from the black-market dealer, Mizorgoi.

Opening the D2 Locker will reward you with Contact Lenses for free but you must first find Locker D2 Key. To find the Locker D2 Key, you need to make your way north of E Shofukucho to enter the Infomen shop. As you go inside the key will be on the ground. Pick up the key and make your way to the locker area to open the D2 Locker to get the Contact Lenses.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the Contact Lenses from a black-market dealer named Mizorgoi. He is the same dealer to whom Akame will send you early in Chapter 2 to retrieve the Hornet gadget. If you visit Mizorgoi shop again after getting the Hornet gadget, you will be able to browse his shop and buy the Contact Lenses.

Contact Lenses Abilities

Once you have obtained the Contact Lenses, open the menu to go into the inventory to equip it. Equipping the Contact Lenses will increase the attack power of Kazuma Kiryu and will mark the location of all 50 Locker Keys on the map. However, you still need to unlock the world map of all the areas by progressing into the story to find all of the keys. So, simply follow the markers on the map to get the keys and use them to unlock the lockers to get useful gear items and more.

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