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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Unlock Akame Shop



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Akame Shop

Akame is one of the main characters in Like A Dragon Gaiden that players will get to unlock as they progress through the main story and will run a Network for her which will allow them to earn Akame Points that can be utilized both in upgrading the Stats and Abilities of Kiryu as well as buying various items from Akame Shop. However, Akame Shop is something that is not readily available from the start and players must unlock it to browse the merchandise.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Akame Shop in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Unlock Akame Shop in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The Akame Shop can be unlocked after meeting with Akame for the first time and completing the first set of requests during Chapter 2. Players will get to meet Akame fairly early in Chapter 2 and get to complete a few main objectives for her that will net them some new gadgets. After that, Akame will give a brief introduction to Akame Network which will require some investments to expand the operation of Akame Network.

Opening the Akame Shop is one of the operations in which players will have to invest to get access to the Akame Shop. It is one of the earliest investments for the Akame Network and can be done at Level 1 of the Akame Network. The unlocking of the Akame Sop will require 15,000 Yen and will offer some gear items along with other useful items. However, players can further increase the merchandise of the Akame Shop by investing further in the Akame Shop. There are 2 further investments in the Akame Shop which will cost you hundreds of thousands of Yen.

  • The Akame Shop is ready for more – Costs 80,000 Yen.
  • I’m aimin’ to have a bit o’ everything! – Costs 150,000 Yen.

It will cost you a total of 245,000 Yen to both unlock and have all the items available in the Akame Shop. Filling up the shop with items is also required to complete the Gold Balls mission as one of the Gold Balls is bought from the Akame Shop.

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