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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Get All 7 Gold Balls



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Gold Balls

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name offers numerous side stories that players can choose to complete alongside the main missions. One of the most intriguing ones is finding the 7 Gold Balls for Akame Network once you have unlocked it by progressing in the main story. Finding the Gold Balls is tied to the ‘Gotta Catch Some Balls’ request given by Akame Network which can earn you half a million Yen.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all 7 Gold Balls in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Get All 7 Gold Balls in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The Gold Balls are scattered around the main city and the Casino area whereas one of them is tied to a hidden mission that will require a progression in the main story. You can get the Gold Balls in any order you want and here are all the locations and methods to get every Gold Ball for the request.

1. Gold Ball #1

The first Gold Ball can be obtained from the Akame Shop for 777 Akame Points. However, you have to first invest in Akame Network to open the shop (15,000 Yen), and then you need to upgrade the Akame Shop twice (230,000 Yen in total for both upgrades) to make the Gold Ball appear in the shop to buy it with Akame Points.

2. Gold Ball #2

The second Gold Ball can be obtained from an NPC wearing a crotch with a Gold Ball on it who happens to pass on a Yellow Boat under the Iwao Bridge during daytime. You need to wait for the boat to cross by with the NPC on it and use the Spider Gadget to grab the Gold Ball.

3. Gold Ball #3

The third Gold Ball can be obtained from Ebisu Pawnshop on E. Shofukucho Street for 77,777 Yen.

4. Gold Ball #4

The fourth Gold Ball can be obtained from Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar on W, Shofukucho Street by exchanging 777 Billiards Points.

5. Gold Ball #5

The fifth Gold Ball can be obtained from the Castle area. Upon reaching the Castle area, take the right to go up the staircase to walk under a giant gold statue. If you look up in between the statue’s legs, there will be a prompt for the Spider Gadget that you can use to get the Gold Ball.

6. Gold Ball #6

The sixth Gold Ball can also be obtained from the Castle area. You need to go down to the entrance area of the casino to find people dancing on moving platforms. One of the NPC will be wearing the same crotch as the boat’s NPC with a Gold Ball in front. Use the Spider Gadget to grab the Gold Ball.

7. Gold Ball #7

For the last Gold Ball, you need to progress into the main story until you have started Chapter 4. After that, you need to go to the north of Sotenbori Footpath to find a young man and talk to him. It will trigger a support request named ‘Solve the Mysterious Note’ for which you need to go to the start of W. Shofukucho Street. Once there, look up at the shop entrances to find the Gold Ball that you need to grab by using the Spider Gadget.

What to Do With Gold Balls in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Upon getting all 7 Gold Balls, you need to follow the waypoint for the ‘Gotta Catch Some Balls’ request which will take you to the northeast side of Sotenbori. Go into the alley to meet with Shen to make a choice for your reward. However, the only reward option that will work will be his ‘Panties’ but worry not because you can sell these panties at Ebisu Pawnshop for 1.5 Million Yen.

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