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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Unlock Pocket Circuit



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Pocket Circuit

The Pocket Circuit is one of the infamous side activities in the Like A Dragon series that a lot of players might be familiar with due to Yakuza or Kiwami. Like A Dragon Gaiden also offers the Pocket Circuit activity with many more races and rival events in which players can partake to earn money and points which can help them get newer circuit parts to customize the race car for defeating future rivals. However, this activity is not available readily as players must progress at a certain point in the story to unlock it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Pocket Circuit in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Unlock Pocket Circuit in Like A Dragon Gaiden

The Pocket Circuit activity will be introduced to you as a part of the main story progression during Chapter 2: Castle on the Water. You need to progress through the main story until you have reached a fight sequence in which you have to save an ally to get introduced to Pocket Circuit. Before this point in the game, you will not be able to access the Pocket Circuit activity so, make sure that you have made the required progress in the main story.

Once you have completed your race during the main mission, the Pocket Circuit activity will unlock for you to partake in at any time while exploring the city. Unlike the low content in the previous titles of this franchise, the Pocket Circuit offers more races with more in-depth customization of the race cars. You can change almost every part of the Race Car to make it more efficient in the race for you to finish 1st every single time and earn points and money in return.

You can get all sorts of parts from finding them in the city or buying them from specific vendors. Apart from just playing the activity to win, you can also introduce Akame to Pocket Circuit after building a successful relationship with her.

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