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Like A Dragon Gaiden:  How to Find & Defeat The Golden Samurai



Like a Dragon Gaiden - The golden samurai

Finding and defeating The Golden Samurai is one of the requests that you will get to complete for Akame Network to earn Akame Points that will help you level up the Akame Network. The request will require you to find the roaming thug, The Golden Samurai, and defeat him.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find and defeat The Golden Samurai in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Find The Golden Samurai in Like A Dragon Gaiden

You will unlock the Golden Samurai Akame Request once you have reached the Silver Rank in the main story, Chapter 3. Upon reaching Chapter 3, go to Akame to view all the new Akame Requests and you will be able to accept ‘The Golden Samurai’ request. After accepting the request, you need to find the Golden Samurai as he always roams at random locations. However, accepting the request will mark him with a Purple Icon on the map.

Open the map to locate any moving purple icon on the streets and make your way to the icon. As you get close to the Golden Samurai, the fight will initiate and you will get to defeat him.

How to Defeat The Golden Samurai in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Before initiating the fight, make sure that you have several healing and food items to heal during the fight as the Golden Samurai attacks deal an enormous amount of damage along with the bleeding effect that causes Kiryu to lose HP gradually. Additionally, equip gear items that prevent bleed-effect damage to make the bleeding attacks of Samurai less effective. The Golden Samurai has 4 HP Bars so, it will put up a worthy fight against you and will do an unblockable lunging attack that you must evade at the precise time.

Once you are ready, follow the following steps to defeat the Golden Samurai.

  • Equip the Yakuza Style for fight and quickly rush to the Golden Samurai to land a heavy combo to quickly deplete its 1st HP bar.
  • Once you see the Golden Samurai charging an attack, dodge as he lunges in the forward direction to land a heavy combo attack again.
  • Be quick on the dodges and if you are failing in dodging, switch to Agent Style to be quick on your feet and use the gadgets to tackle the Golden Samurai. However, the Spider Gadget is ineffective so, you must use other gadgets like Hornet or Firefly.
  • While in the Yakuza style, activate the Extreme Heat Mode to deal extensive damage with your heavy attacks.

After depleting all 4 HPs of the Golden Samurai, you will be rewarded with the following items.

  • 8,000 Akame Points
  • 500,000 Yen

The Golden Samurai won’t quit that easy as you will have to fight him two more times as you progress through the story. You will get to fight the Golden Samurai again in ‘The Golden Scourge’ and ‘Golden Gauntlet Throwdown’ requests.

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