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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Level Up Akame Network Fast



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Level Up Akame Network

Leveling Up Akame Network can net you some great bonuses in your playthrough of Like A Dragon Gaiden as well as provide you with some great Gear Items that can be proved viable in the Coliseum fights. This new network of wide operations is a source of generating a secondary currency known as Akame Points that is also required in leveling up the abilities of your character so, you must consider leveling up in Akame Network.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up Akame Network quickly in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Level Up Akame Network Fast in Like A Dragon Gaiden

To level up Akame Network fast in Like A Dragon Gaiden, you need to complete the Requests. The Requests are among the types of tasks that you will get to complete for the Akame Network and they are the shortest tasks with high Akame Points as a reward. There are also Stroll ‘N Patrol Missions and Akame Checklist that you can choose to complete for the Akame Network but they are not worthy especially, in the early game to level up the network fast.

The Akame Network level is increased as you earn Akame Points and the best way to do that is through completing the requests. Check the Support Map for all the icons for the requests. Start navigating the requests and complete them one by one to both earn money and Akame Points. As you level up, you need to start investing in the operation of the Akame Network because it will unlock more requests for you.

Investing in the operations will cost you hundreds of thousands of Yen but the money will not be a problem if you stick to completing requests right from Chapter 2 of the game. As you unlock new operations for the network, you will gain certain bonuses as earning more Akame Points for completing requests which can help you big time in leveling up the network fast.

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