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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Upgrade Stats and Abilities



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Upgrade Stats and Abilities

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name puts players in the shoes of an agent named Joryu aka Kazuma Kiryu to experience a new combat style along with the classic Yakuza combat style. Both of the combat styles are dependent on the type of stance and players have the freedom to switch between the stances to use certain combat moves. Initially, the enemies are easy to tackle as there isn’t much variety thrown at you but as you progress further into the story, you must boost your basic stats and abilities to increase the potential of your combos, gadgets, and overall stats.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade stats and abilities in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Upgrade Stats and Abilities in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Upgrading the Stats and Abilities in Like A Dragon Gaiden requires two main currencies of the game, Yen and Akame Points. Both of these currencies are used to unlock the next upgrade level for each available upgrade in the ‘Upgrade Abilities’ option in the menu. There are four different types of Kiryu upgrades that players will be able to level up in the game.

  • Stats: Base Stats of Kazuma Kiryu such as Health and Damage Output.
  • Shared Abilities: Heat Moves and Extreme Heat Mode.
  • Agent Style: Gadgets and Agent stance moves upgrades.
  • Yakuza Style: Yakuza stance moves upgrades.

All of these upgrade types are found under the ‘Upgrade Abilities’ option in the menu and each one has up to 4 levels requiring a certain amount of money and a number of Akame Points. As you upgrade each level, the cost for the next upgrade will increase and will cost hundreds of thousands of Yen and Akame Points.

You can also acquire new skills and abilities by buying various kinds of books. These books are expensive but they can add new combos to either Agent or Yakuza stance.

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