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Like A Dragon Gaiden: How to Romance Kaname – All Questions & Answers



Like A Dragon Gaiden - Romance Kaname

Kaname is one of the hostesses at Cabaret Club located at the Castle Cabaret that players will get to unlock at the end of Chapter 2. Once players have unlocked Castle Cabaret, they will be able to visit the location anytime and partake in the available activities. One of the activities is to romance with the hostesses at Cabaret Club which will allow you to blow off steam from the main story of the game and spend time with some lovely ladies.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to Romance Kaname in Like A Dragon Gaiden.

How to Romance Kaname in Like A Dragon Gaiden

Romancing with Kaname is the same as the other hostesses like Kei in the cabaret club which can be done by reaching Affection Level 3. Each hostess will start with 0 Affection Level with your character and you can increase it by answering the correct option for their questions and giving them a gift that they like. Increasing the Affection Level with Kaname will gain you a heart which will save your relationship progress with her and allow you to continue the interaction with her from the same point when you visit her again.

Speaking of visiting Kaname, you need to go to the Cabaret Club in Castle Cabaret and speak to the NPC in front to select a hostess. Select Kaname as a hostess with whom you want to spend time and it will cost you 10,000 Yen. Accept to pay the money to get a visit and start the interaction.

All Kaname Questions and Answers

The questions and answers for Kaname will be divided into three different sections based on the Affection Level. Each Affection Level will have different questions that you need to answer correctly to increase affection and reach the next level.

Kaname 0-Star Dialogue Options

When you meet Kaname for the first time, you will have Affection Level 0 with her. You need to select the correct answers for every dialogue mentioned below to reach Affection Level 1.

I’m Kaname. It’s a pleasure to meet you

  • No need to be so polite

Do you think I’m unique?

  • I think so.

I love seafood!

  • What kind of chikuwa?

I have no sense of direction…

  • Well, the train lines are complex.

I am not a morning person…

  • I’m sleepy in the morning, too.

What do you drink?

  • Wine flows through my veins.

I’m not a very good singer.

  • Singing is all about feeling.

I used to work in a maid cafe.

  • You seem like a natural.

Spending with you doesn’t feel like work.

  • Really?

Kaname 1-Star Dialogue Options

Upon reaching Affection Level 1 with Kaname, the following conversation will take place and you need to answer with the correct dialogue options mentioned below.

I work as a model too.

  • What does that involve?

I can eat a whole cake by myself!

  • Actually, I’m the same.

I get all touchy with people when I’ve been drinking…

  • You’re not touchy with me….

You think I’m more creative or analytic?

  • Analytical.

Becoming a pinup idol is tough.

  • You mean interacting with people on set?

I never make the first move.

  • Then I’ll make the moves.

Sometimes I go on gourmet trips.

  • You’re incredibly motivated.

I skipped meals today.

  • You sound like a professional

Do you think I can make it as a pinup model?

  • You have my support

Kaname 2-Star Dialogue Options

Upon reaching Affection Level 2 with Kaname, the final conversation will take place in which you need to answer with the following dialogue options mentioned below.

I really missed you.

  • Let’s make this another one to remember.

If I had a boyfriend, I’d love to cook for him.

  • Sounds delicious!

When I like someone, I can’t refuse a request from them.

  • Getting someone’s hopes up is worse.

I always see things through to the end!

  • I get that impression from you.

What would you do to excite me?

  • Give you a surprise present!

I’ve gone overboard with the cosplay selfies.

  • What kind of poses do you do?

Where would you take me on a date?

  • A secluded, hole-in-the-wall spot

I like to draw

  • Draw me.

Can you put me at ease?

  • Just be your usual self, and you’ll do fine!

Choosing the correct dialogue options in the last conversation will get you to Affection Level 3 with Kaname which will play an exclusive video with Kaname.

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