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Everdream Valley: Find Willow (Quest) – Walkthrough



Everdream Valley: Find Willow - Walkthrough

Everdream Valley is an Adventure Farming Simulator in which players will get to complete the story missions along with farming experience. One of the early main quests that players will have to complete is to find Willow, Grandma’s favorite Cow. She has been gone missing from the farm and Grandpa will assign players with the task to find her.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Willow in Everdream Valley.

Find Willow – Quest Walkthrough

The Find Willow quest will require the player to complete the following tasks in the quest.

  • Show Willow’s Bell to your dog.
  • Follow Willow’s Trail with your dog.
  • Bring Willow back to the farm.

As players get the quest from the character’s Grandpa, he will give Willow’s Bell that can be used for tracking down Willow. Players will have to go near their Dog to show Willow’s Bell to him so he can pick up a trail of Willow. In order to do that, players will have to first give their dog a treat. The Dog Treat can be found in the inventory and as players equip the treat, they will get the option to begin hunting. Interact with the dog and a question mark will appear on Dog’s head. Now, select Willow’s Bell from the inventory and the dog will start tracking.

As the dog picks up Willow’s Trail, players need to follow the dog and he will lead players to Willow. After finding Willow, players need to bring Willow back to the farm. In order to do that, players need to pet Willow by holding down the E Button. By doing that, Willow will follow the character for 20 Seconds. At this time, players need to get as close as to the farm to lead Willow to the farm.

After reaching the farm with Willow, Find Willow quest will conclude.

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