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Everdream Valley: How to Get the Fishing Rod



Everdream Valley - Fishing Rod

The farming life in Everdream Valley will task you with various objectives requiring you to explore the nearby areas and build your farm into a better place for both animals and crops. Doing so in the earlier quests will question you where you might get a fishing rod for the fishing activity as there are other tools for other activities.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Fishing Rod in Everdream Valley.

How to Get the Fishing Rod in Everdream Valley

The Fishing Rod is one of the tools in Everdream Valley that players can get by participating in a fishing contest with Grandpa. To get the task of fishing with Grandpa, you will first have to progress in the main quests and bring the Goat to the farm. Bringing the Goat to the farm will give you access to the Goat Dream mini-game from which you will earn materials by completing the mini-game as well as a new quest named ‘Find the Alpaca’.

Once you have got the Find the Alpaca quest, make your way to the quest marker on the map leading to a lake on the west island from the farm. As you reach the lake, you will see Grandpa standing next to the lake. Interact with Grandpa to start the fishing mini-game. You need to catch more fish than Grandpa before the time ends. It does not matter if you lost to Grandpa as it will still reward you with the Fishing Rod.

However, if you want to proceed ahead in the current quest, you will have to defeat Grandpa to earn 4x Nails which will help you fix the bridge leading to Alpaca. Upon getting the fishing rod, you will be able to start fishing just by going over to a fishing area and pressing the F button. Catching the fish will allow you to store them in an aquarium or sell them for money.

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