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Everdream Valley: How to Get Nails



Everdream Valley - Nails

There are several materials that players will get to find in Everdream Valley that players can use to craft various recipes as well as fix fences and bridges around the world map. Fixing the bridges in other areas makes the traversal easier but requires Nails along with Wood. Wood is easy to gather in Everdream Valley but Nails are only earned by completing the quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Nails in Everdream Valley.

How to Get Nails in Everdream Valley

Getting Nails in Everdream Valley is different from other materials in the game as they cannot be obtained from breaking items or purchased from the merchant. You will have to complete certain quests to get all the Nails required to fix the bridges throughout the world. The quests that you need to complete to get the Nails are the following.

  • Defeat Grandpa in the Fishing mini-game in Find the Alpaca quest – 4x Nails.
  • Companion For the Alpaca – 6x Nails
  • Bring the Pigs to the Farm – 12x Nails

During the first quest, you need to catch more fish than Grandpa at the lake on the west island to get 4x Nails. If you lose the mini-game, you will get 1x Nail but you can always retry by interacting with the stool near the lake.

After completing the Find the Alpaca quest, you will get the Companion For the Alpaca quest for which you have to go to the North Island by fixing a bridge. As you go ahead to the North Island, you will find another Alpaca. Bringing the Alpaca to the farm and completing the quest will get you 6x Nails.

For the last quest, you need to complete a couple of more quests for Alpaca and eventually, you will get the locations for the Pigs on the map. Go to the marked location and use the magic flute to bring the pigs to the farm to get 12x Nails.

Once you have completed all the required quests, you will have a total of 22 Nails that will be enough for fixing every bridge on the world map.

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