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Lethal Company: How to Store Items on Ship’s Storage



Lethal Company - Store Items

Finding valuable scrap items is the main goal of Lethal Company as it is required to meet the requirements of Quota as well as earning money. As completing the Quota moves you forward to a new facility where players can find more valuable scraps, they will always have to make some room in their inventory before looting more items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to store items on Ship’s Storage in Lethal Company.

How to Store Items on Ship’s Storage in Lethal Company

Storing the valuable items on the Ship’s Storage is essential, especially for securing certain items that have high value until the quota day reaches zero as you will be able to sell items for their full value. Leaving the items out in the open on your ship is not safe as they will disappear once you die. If you have brought items on the ship, you better store them on the ship’s storage to secure them properly and do further runs without any fear of losing the items upon dying. To store the items on Ship’s Storage in Lethal Company, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the Terminal inside the ship.
  • Type in the ‘Storage’ command and press Enter.
  • It will show you all the currently stored items in the ship storage. Press the X button to add a selected item to the storage.

Similarly, to retrieve the items from the Ship’s storage, players can repeat the first two steps to view the storage and then press the B button. Players will be able to get all of the items back that they stored.

As the personal character storage is only 4 slots that get filled up quickly, players must store the items after every run to get the highest profit on the last day of quota.

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