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Lethal Company: How to Sell Items



Lethal Company: Sell Items

Going on the runs on various facilities will often find you several valuable items/scraps that are essential for completing the quota as well as making money. The scrap you gather from your runs is the only way to generate money by selling them that will help you buy useful items and upgrade your ships.  

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell items in Lethal Company.

How to Sell Items in Lethal Company

Selling items in Lethal Company takes a unique approach like never seen before in a raiding game. As you complete the raid by finding the scraps and surviving the monsters in the facility, you will get to store the items in the Ship’s Storage that you can later take out and sell for credits/money. However, each item you obtain from your run has a specific value and sells on a certain percentage of value depending on how many days of the quota are left. The fewer the days are, the higher the selling value.

Meaning, that if the quota has just started, you have completed the first raid and your group has brought several items, their selling value is nothing compared to their actual value. To get the selling price of their actual value, you need to wait until the quota has reached day zero. Once the day arrives, follow the following steps to sell the items for maximum profit.

  • Interact with the Terminal on the ship.
  • Type in the ‘Company Building’ command and then type the ‘Confirm’ command.
  • Wait for the ship to land at the Company Building location.
  • Go outside to the counter and start placing the items on the counter by equipping them and pressing the E button repeatedly.
  • Once you have placed all of the items on the counter, interact with the bell on the right side by pressing the E button and wait for the items to be sold.

NOTE: Do not press the Bell more than 2 times as you will get caught and killed by the monster in charge on the counter and lose all of the items.

It is important to sell items on the last day of quota instead of somewhere in between as it will be a disadvantage for you both in money ways and time because it takes 1 day for your ship to get to the Company Building and 1 day back from the Company Building. You don’t want to waste the days of your quota and get fined.

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