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Everdream Valley – How to Plant Seeds and Grow Crops



Everdream Valley: How to Plant Seed and Grow Crops

Like any other farming simulation game, keeping the farm alive and well is the main job in Everdream Valley. Players will get to work on the farm with the character’s grandparents and will have to take care of the crops as well as the animals. Keeping the animal well-fed and growing new crops at the farm to have more ingredients for the cooking activity is necessary. However, players would have to learn how to plant seeds and grow crops before they do it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Plant Seeds and Grow Crops in Everdream Valley.

How to Plant Seeds in Everdream Valley

Plant seeds will require cultivated soil to plant as well as grow. Players will have to dig the ground to turn it into the required soil for the seed. In order to dig the soil, players will need to get a Plow. A Plow is a tool that is specifically used for digging the ground and turning it into the soil. Players can get the Plow Tool by making progress in the main story by completing the missions. Grandma will give the Plow to the Players once they have learned how to cook food in the Kitchen.

Once players have the Plow Tool, all they need to do is to dig the ground by pressing the E Button or Left-Click and the ground will turn into the soil. Now, they need to select the seed or any vegetation from the inventory and they will be able to plant it in the soil.

Select the Seed or Plant from the Inventory

How to Grow Plants in Everdream Valley

In order to grow the planted seed or plant, players would be required to water it. In order to water the planted seed or plant, players need to get the Watering Can which can be found at the Well. The well is near the crops field on the farm and after getting the Watering Can, they can fill the water in it by interacting with the well.

After filling up the water in the Watering Can, equip it and then press the E button or Left-Click to water the planted seed or plant. Players would have to water the seed or plant daily and it will grow in 2 – 3 days (in-game) time.

Players can use Fertilizers on the planted seeds and plants to increase the growth and production rate. Fertilizers can be bought from the merchant near the farm.

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