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Everdream Valley – How to Catch Butterflies and Insects



Everdream Valley: How to Catch Butterfly and Insect

There are various animals that players will get to bring to the farm in Everdream Valley but there are also butterflies and insects that players can choose to catch. The insects and butterflies can be used as a pet treat for your cat as well as players can sell them to earn money or just keep them in a terrarium. There are various insects that can be found all over the world and some of the insects and butterflies also come out at specific times.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Butterflies and Insects in Everdream Valley.

How to Get Insect Net in Everdream Valley

In order to catch any Butterfly or Insect, players will require a tool named “Insect Net”. Insect Net is a tool that is mainly used to catch butterflies and insects of different types. Insect Net is hard to come by but players will be able to craft it at the Workshop pretty early in the game. Players can unlock the recipe of Insect Net by simply grabbing a stick and a rope from anywhere on the farm. Once players have these two materials, the recipe of Insect Net automatically unlock at the Workshop. The materials required to make the Insect Net are the following.

  • 1x Rope
  • 1x Stick
Craft Insect Net

Once players have the required materials, they will be able to craft the Insect Net at the Workshop by selecting the Insect Net recipe.

How to Catch Butterflies and Insects in Everdream Valley

Once players have got the Insect Net in their inventory, they will be able to use it to catch the butterflies and the insects. In order to locate the butterflies and insects, players can use the Cat to track them or they can explore the world to find different types of butterflies and insects. While equipping the Insect Net, an area will highlight in front of the players in which players will be able to catch any insect in the vicinity.

Players would only be required to swing the net to catch the butterfly or insect if it is in that highlighted area. Swinging the Insect Net does consume Stamina so, make sure to keep food in the inventory to keep regenerating stamina as swinging can drain stamina quickly.

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