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Everdream Valley – How to Get More Chickens



Everdream Valley: How to Get More Chickens

Everdream Valley is a farming simulation game that will allow players to have a cozy farm experience while playing the game. The game will require players to feed and take care of the animals on the farm as well as get new and more animals at the farm to progress in the game. One of the animals that players will be required to get more in Everdream Valley is a Chicken. At the start, the farm will only have 3 chickens and as players progress, they will be required to get more chickens.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get more Chickens in Everdream Valley.

How to Get More Chickens in Everdream Valley

There are the following two methods to get more chickens in Everdream Valley that players can use.

  • Buy Chicken from the Merchant
  • Use an Incubator to Grow Chicken

The first method is a very simple one but it is the expensive one. Buying a single chicken will cost thousands of coins and it will take a while to earn that kind of money. But if you are someone who has grinded a lot to have that kind of money then feel free to go to the merchant and buy Chickens from him.

The second method is a cheaper one but it requires some patience to get more chickens. Players will be required a device named Incubator which can be bought from the merchant but players will get it eventually as a quest item so, don’t bother buying it from the merchant. The incubator can be used to grow chicken from an egg. Players will be able to get Chicken Eggs pretty early in the game. In order to use Incubator correctly, follow the following steps.

  • Place down Incubator on the ground at your desired location.
  • Open the inventory and select an egg and then place it inside the Incubator by pressing the F Button. A single Incubator can only hold 1 egg in it.
  • Now, wait for two days (in-game) and then interact with the Incubator to get another chicken.
Use Incubator to grow chickens

Players can use this method to grow a number of chickens at the farm but they would be required to have more eggs. So, make sure to place the Chicken Perch near the chickens so that they can lay eggs.

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