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Everdream Valley: The Second Youth of The Old Orchard (Quest) – Walkthrough



Everdream Valley: The Second Youth of the old Orchard - Walkthrough

In order to start unlocking new things, items, animals, recipes, and much more, players would have to complete the quests. The quests can be accepted by talking to the character’s Grandparents on the farm. At the early stage, players will get to do easy tasks around the farm but as players complete a few early quests, the Grandma will give the quest named “The Second Youth of the Old Orchard” which will require players to grow the orchard near the farm.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Second Youth of the Old Orchard quest in Everdream Valley.

The Second Youth of the Old Orchard – Quest Walkthrough

There are two objectives that players will be required to do in The Second Youth of the Old Orchard quest.

  • Cut down the dead trees and shrubs in the orchard (5)
  • Plant new fruit trees in the orchard (10)

The orchard is located on the back side of the house and it will be highlighted on the map with Yellow Zone. For the first objective, players need to cut down the trees with dead leaves or remove the shrubs from the orchard. Once players have removed five of them, the first objective will be completed.

For the second objective, there will be already 5 Apple Trees planted in the Orchard so, players will only have to get 5 new fruit trees to plant them in the orchard. In order to do that, players need to equip Shovel. Shovel is used to dig out a plant, tree, or any item from one place to another. Equip the shovel and track down the White Pins on the map. As players reach the white pins, they will be able to find different fruit trees along with different cherry bushes.

Use the Shovel to dig them out and save in the inventory then go back to the orchard to plant them. Open the inventory and select the new fruit trees from the inventory and place them one by one in the orchard zone to complete the objective.

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