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Everdream Valley: How to Pet Animals



Everdream Valley: How to Pet Animals

Animals play an important role in Everdream Valley. There are a number of Animals around the farm that players can interact with and Pet. Petting the animals will increase their Friendship Level which allows the player to use the Animals for different actions. The dog is the companion of your character that will let you use certain powers to complete specific tasks. So, it is important for the players to go to the Animals and Pet them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Pet Animals in Everdream Valley.

How to Pet Animals in Everdream Valley

The mechanic of Petting the Animals is quite easy in Everdream Valley. The game does not require you to do any hardowrk in order to Pet the Animals. You just have to approach the animal and you will get the Pet Prompt on your screen. Hold the E Button to pet the animal to increase its friendship Level.

The two main animals that you need to increase your friendship level are dogs and cats. The Dog is your companion so, you will get to use the Dog along with the player to herd sheep or find other objects and animals. Whereas the Cat can be used to locate the sick animals around you as well as find insects. Your companions will bring you the items that they find so, it is best to keep them around and use their abilities to explore more of the Everdream Valley.

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