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Everdream Valley: Character Creation Guide



Everdream Valley: Character Creation Guide

Everdream Valley is an Indie-Adventure game with a bit of an Animal Crossing vibe. You will get to play as a teenager who intends to help his/her Grandma and Grandpa in the Everdream Valley. As you progress in the game, you will get to do a lot of farming along with other activities that will shape your farm according to your decisions. All of your actions in the daylight and in the night will shape up your farm so, you will have to help and build a healthy relationship with the animals around the farm.

In this guide, we’ll be covering Character Creation in Everdream Valley.

Character Creation in Everdream Valley

As you start a New Game, the first thing that you will get to do is create your character. There are several customization options to build your desired teenage character so you will have to choose the options to select the individual options to build your character. The customization options that you will get to see in Everdream Valley are the following.

  • Head
  • Ears
  • Hair
  • Nose
  • Skin Color
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Facial Marks
  • Mouth

Each of the customization options has a number of individual options that you have to select to create your character. You can select between different options to see which style or color you like on your character. After selecting each customization option, you need to equip the customization by pressing the Tick Mark on the bottom of the screen.

Starting off with the Head Customization Options, you will get to select the shape of the head of your character. The Ears option also has a number of styles of ears from which you can select the ones you like for your character. Selecting the Hair will allow you to select a Hairstyle along with a Hair color for your character. Select the style of Nose for your character under the Nose Customization Option.

Set the Skin Tone of your character from the Skin Color Customization Option. The Eyebrows has various eyebrows style from which you can select one and it also allows you to select a color for your eyebrows. You can select different styles for your character’s eyes as well as eyes color under the Eyes Customization Option. You can select a Facial Mark for your character as well if you like. You can select the style of Lips under the Mouth Customization Options.

Character Creation in Everdream Valley

After creating your character, you can enter your character’s nickname in the bar. The entered nickname will be referred to your character’s name in the game. Once you have done all of the customizations, press the Tick Mark button for the last time to end the Character Customization.

You can also quickly customize your default character by clicking on the Randomize option on the screen. It will randomly select an individual option from all of the customization options and apply it to your character. If you find it appealing then you can press the tick mark to end the customization and jump right into the game.

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