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Evil Dead: The Game: Unlock Characters



Evil Dead: The Game: Unlock Characters

Evil Dead: The Game has a number of characters that you can play with but not all of them are unlocked from the start you have to unlock them by playing the game and in this guide, we tell you how can you unlock all locked characters in the game.

Locked Characters and How to Unlock Them

In the Evil Dead: The Game: there are four characters that are locked and you can’t play the game by equipping them from the start. You need to unlock them by completing the missions that are under the Missions section in the Main Menu. There are five missions in total and they all are single-player missions, you can’t play them with your friends, you have to play and complete them all by yourself in order to unlock each character.

These missions are like challenges and you have to complete various objectives in each mission and go through deadite waves. Before playing these missions, you should get some practice in casual play with your friends and learn how the game mechanics work and all.

The characters that are locked and the methods to unlock them are the following.

  • Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead): Unlock by completing the “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw” mission.
  • Amanda Fisher: Unlock by completing the “Kill ‘Em All” mission.
  • Lord Arthur: Unlock by completing the “Homecoming King!” mission.
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar: Unlock by completing the “It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go” mission.

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