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Evil Dead: The Game: Best Necromancer Build



Evil Dead: The Game: Best Necromancer Build

Evil Dead: The Game lets you play with the different survivors as well as the demons. This is a multiplayer game in which a group of four people and the demon fight each other, The survivors have some objectives that they need to complete and kill the demon in order to win the match and the demon would have to stop them and kill them one by one in order to win the match.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the best build for the Necromancer class.


Necromancer is a demon class in the game with the three types of demons in it. They scourge the map and find the survivors to set the traps near them and spawn deadites near the survivors to delay them. Just like the survivor classes, Demon classes also have the active and passive skills available to them. The Necromancer skills are the following.

  • Flutist: It increases the damage and defense of units near the placed flute. You can also 1v1 with the survivor as the unit to deal damage to the survivors and delay them. It is an active skill of the Necromancer.
  • Skelephobia: It increases the fear of survivors that are near the skeletons. It is a passive skill and it unlocks at level 15 of Necromancer.
  • Motivational Music: It increases the bonus damage and defense provided by the Flutist. It is a passive skill and it unlocks at level 25 of Necromancer.
  • Skeletal Injury: It increases the damage of skeletons near the survivors. It is a passive skill and it unlocks at level 45 of Necromancer.

The three demons of Necromancer are the following.

  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Elite
  • Evil Ash

Evil Ash is the boss of the Necromancer class and the player playing this class will have to fight the survivors with the Evil Ash character at the end of the match. The survivors would have to kill the Evil Ash in order to win.

Evil Ash has the following perks that he can use in a match.

  • Skeletal Support: Evil Ash can summon Skeletons to aid him in battle.
  • Skeleton Resurrection: If a Skeleton dies within the affected area of the ability, they will be able to resurrect themselves.
  • Infernal Invigoration: Evil Ash will grab the survivor and heals himself and the survivor will lose health.

Necromancer Best Build

Necromancer has skills and perks that are really overpowered but in order to make your necromancer more powerful and make him more deadly than there are some skills that you can put in the Talent Tree that will enhance the limits of his skills and perks. As you level up the Necromancer, you’d be able to put the high tier of the skills in the Talent Tree.

The skills that you want to put in the Talent Tree of the Necromancer are the following.

  • Flute Force: It’ll increase the area of the flutist and makes it hard for the survivor to fight the more summoned Skeletons.
  • Infernal Revenue: It increased the amount of Infernal Energy received from the Infernal Orbs. By gaining more orbs, you’d be able to summon the units more quickly.
  • Comeback Stronger: This skill will make the resurrected skeletons buff and they deal more damage to enemies and they will have full health at spawn.
  • Bone Rage: The attack frequency of the skeletons will be increased by 5% and they will attack more frequently, as more skeletons are summoned into the fight, it will be harder for the survivor to take them all out.
  • Irreparable Damage: This is the most broken skill in the Necromancer Talent Tree because it’ll make the survivors illegible to heal from any source once they got hit by the Evil Ash. It highly increase the chance of killing the survivors.

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