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Evil Dead: The Game: Homecoming King Mission



Evil Dead: The Game: Homecoming King Mission

Homecoming King is the fifth and final mission of Evil Dead: The Game. This is one of the toughest missions in the game which require a lot of skills to pass but worry not because we have figured a way out to get the max heals & amulets + the best melee weapon that you need to pass this mission without sweating.

In this guide, we tell you how to beat the “Homecoming King” mission in the game.

How to Beat the Homecoming King Mission

At the start of the mission, you need to get the Kandarian Dagger at Fishing Village but before we do that you need to get some weapons and materials to keep things a bit easy. In the Lucky Valley Lodge, you need to loot the basement of the house which has a car parked outside. Grab the ammo, matchsticks, and amulets and in the basement, there’ll be a Shovel that’ll be the best melee weapon for this mission because it deals critical damage as well as can go through the enemies’ shields.

You need to keep this shovel the entire game so don’t swap it with any other melee weapon. Once you loot the shovel, there’ll be three skeleton enemies spawning outside the house, kill them and grab some ammo off of them. Now jump through the back window and there’ll be a warehouse near the house, go there and you’ll find another amulet and a crossbow.

After looting these items, go straight ahead to the fire symbol. There’ll be some enemies so, you can just one-shot them using a crossbow in the head or just execute them using the shovel. Go to fire symbol and you’ll get the max heals, matchsticks, and amulets.

Grab the Kandarian Dagger

After grabbing the loot, go to the Fishing Village and to the location of the Kandarian Village, kill the enemies and grab the Kandarian Dagger. There’ll be a guaranteed drop of a rare crossbow from the enemies so make sure to grab that as well. In the Fishing Village there’ll be a number of Shem Colas and amulets in the houses so if you want to loot the houses, you will find them to keep everything at max.

Find the Necronomicon

After picking up the Kandarian Dagger at the fishing village, get in the car and go to The Knowby Cabin. The Necronomicon will be highlighted with a red symbol in the cabin. Once you reach there, clear the cabin with the enemies, and before picking up the Necronomicon, grab the amulets, Shem Colas, and the ammo from the cabin.

Once you grab the Necronomicon a number of waves of the enemy will come for you and you have to survive all the waves. Make sure to use the crossbow on the far enemies and if the enemy is near then you can execute them with the shovel. While doing the execution you became invincible.

After clearing them, you need to go to the next red symbol shown on the map and you have to hurry because the storm will close in which would be the red circle closing in on the map and you can’t stay outside of the red circle. Get in the car and go to the red symbol and clear it from the enemies. There’ll be a little space to go down when you step on the wooden platform, jump down and one of the bosses of the mission will invade.

The Evil Ash cannot be defeated at this moment because he would be invincible at this moment so, no worth in attacking him. You just have to survive for 1 minute.

After surviving the fight, you will need to get the Fabled Sword from the Payne Manor. Now exit the cave by going through the path and go to the Sewage Treatment Plant just ahead. You will get to re-stock the amulets, ammo, and Shem Colas. You’ll also get the Legendary Crossbow from the hood of the car.

Get in the car and go to the Payne Manor, there’ll be five highlighted enemies in red color that you need to kill. Just hit them two times with the legendary crossbow and they’ll be done for.

After killing all the red highlighted enemies, the sword symbol will come up and it will be in the house. Just go and grab the sword before the red circle on the map closes in.

Now you will need to head back to the portal where Evil Ash invaded. Go outside and get in the car to go back. Stay away from the fight on the way to the car as you don’t want to get hurt and consume heals and amulets. Go to the portal location and enter the portal.

Defeating Pit Deadite

After getting into the portal, you need to defeat the first boss of this mission which will be the Pit Deadite. This boss only has one move which is rushing towards you and you can easily dodge that. You just need to hit him with the sword as it does 1,000 damage per swing. After several hits, you get to perform the scripted melee attack which does high damage.

Defeating Evil Ash

As you defeat the Pit Deadite, Evil Ash will invade again and this time you’d be able to kill him. Evil Ash will have a few attacks, grabbing you, attacking with his sword, and summoning the skeleton enemies. In this fight, the first thing that you need to do is to interrupt his summoning of the enemies. You can interrupt him with the swing of your sword. He’ll move away when he wants to summon the skeletons, just rush towards him and interrupt him so, he can’t summon them.

If he summons the skeletons, just kill them first because you don’t want to fight the horde of skeletons in this fight. Just keep hitting him with the sword and deal 1,000 – 2,000 damage and perform high damage attacks as well.

After you defeat him, the mission will end.

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