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Far Cry 6: The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt – Dark Tech Mask



Far Cry 6: The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt - Dark Tech Mask

The Missing Muse is one of 21 treasure hunt missions in Far Cry 6. In these instructions, we will show you where this treasure hunt starts and how you can solve the corresponding puzzle.

Region : Cruz Del Salvador, near the Western Island – Diving Club Pez Volador
Prerequisite: Find the starting point of the treasure hunt and read the note
Reward: 150 EP, Dark Tech Mask
Mission Info :

Treasure Hunt – The Missing Muse

This treasure hunt is not as complex as some other treasure hunts. Going to the island, West in Cruz Del Salvador. There is a small village on the beach in the north, the diving club Pez Volador.

As soon as you are there, the treasure hunt is marked on the map, it starts in one of the small huts.

When you’ve read the note, run to the big building on the beach. Run up the stairs and stand on a veranda, on the wall is a blackboard with room keys, there is Ambrosio’s key, which you need.

Leave the house and go to the beach, to the right of the jetty you will see rocks, follow the path up the rocks. Jump into the water there and swim up to the buoy, dive into the water at the buoy and grab the box on the seabed.

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