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Far Cry 6: Where and how to slide 200 meters in one go



Far Cry 6: Where and how to slide 200 meters in one go

If you’ve already started Far Cry 6, you’ve probably noticed several moves that can be made. Among these, there is the slide, to hide stealthily and quickly but also to quickly descend cliffs and other slopes. One of the trophies/achievements in the game is called Big Toboggan and asks to “ Slide 200 meters at once ”. So how do you slide such a long-distance all at once? And above all, where can we achieve this feat?

Location to slide 200 meters in one go

For this, go to the province of Noventarmas in the Valle de Oro. Head to the point shown in our screenshots to find a mountain that can be climbed from multiple locations. This is located south of the Bandido Escarpment.

We advise you to follow the secure path (in blue) to reach a place where there is a workshop (as in our first screenshot). From there, you can easily climb this hill and get to its top.

How to slide?

Once you reach the top via this path, you will see on your left a small passage between two rocks and above all, two panels. The latter indicates not to slip… As if by chance! You have understood it, your sliding ground to obtain the trophy is located there.

Now just swipe up from there. To slide properly, you have to get closer to the edge, sprint, and press the slide key (round on PlayStation) and above all, hold this key throughout. You can also orient yourself with the joystick, but it will not be necessary to do so particularly, just remember to avoid the rock that you will cross towards the last third.

And there you have it, you have slid 200 meters and at the same time obtained the trophy/achievement The toboggan for adults Slide 200 meters in one go

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