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Farming Simulator 22: Forestry – plant trees & process wood



Farming Simulator 22: Grow, harvest & store sugar cane

Forestry also plays a major role in the FS 22 and you can plant and cut trees diligently and process or sell the wood in various ways. At this point, we will tell you everything you need to know about forestry.

Planting trees

On each of the maps in the Farming Simulator, there are already some pieces of forest that you can cut down, but you should plant trees yourself right from the start in order to ensure constant supplies. The trees do not grow by themselves.

For this purpose, you can rent or buy the Damcon PL 75 planting machine from a dealer. There you can also get the seedlings for pine and poplar trees. Note that you can plant pines almost anywhere, while poplars can only be planted in fields .

Cut down trees

You can easily harvest poplars with a forage harvester and cutter as soon as they are fully grown. Adult pines, on the other hand, need special forest machines or you use a chainsaw.

If you use a chainsaw, you have to remove the individual branches from the tree trunk by hand. The expensive wood harvesters do this automatically. With the machines, cutting down trees and placing the trunks in a trailer is of course much faster. If you don’t have enough euros for expensive machines, you can use the money cheat in FS 22.

Use tension belts and secure trunks: After loading the tree trunks on a trailer, you should secure them accordingly. You can use lashing straps for this. You can attach and detach these directly from the driver's cab of the towing vehicle. Alternatively, you can approach the trailer yourself and attach the straps individually. Green contours help you set the tensioning straps.

Sell ​​tree trunks & wood chips

You can bring your felled tree trunks directly to a sawmill and sell them there or, alternatively, process them at a production facility. The selling price of the tree trunks varies depending on the length of the trunk. But factors such as straightness also play a role.

You can also process the tree trunks into wood chips before you bring them to the sawmill or a biomass thermal power station. Use a suitable wood chipper for this.

You can also get wood chips when harvesting poplars with the forage harvester. Use this with a suitable cutting unit and trailer to transport the wood chips away directly.

Remove tree stumps

After the timber is harvested, unsightly tree stumps are left behind. You can remove these with a milling machine. Mount a tiller on the back of your tractor and remove the tree stumps accordingly.

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