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Final Fantasy XVI – A Chance Encounter (Main Mission) – Walkthrough



A Chance Encounter - Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the main mission “A Chance Encounter” of Final Fantasy XVI.

A Chance Encounter – Final Fantasy XVI

A Chance Encounter takes place in the year 873, thirteen years after the incident at Phoenix Gate. As Clive wakes up, players will be rewarded with the “Awoken” trophy. Follow the rocky path ahead to follow your companions. There will be 2x Stoneskin Tonic and 2x Strength Tonic that players can pick up before they reach the end of the path which will trigger the cutscene.

After the cutscene, players will get to fight a number of Ironblood enemies along with Shiva’s Dominant. Kill the enemies first and then focus on Shiva to defeat her.

Defeat Ironblood enemies and Shiva's Dominant.

Defeating Shiva will give the following spoils.

  • 48 EXP
  • 200 Gil
  • 2x Frozen Tear
  • 4x Potion
  • 3x High Potion
  • 10x Steelsilk

Watch the cutscene after defeating Shiva’s Dominant and then players will get to fight more Ironblood enemies. Defeat the enemies and then the boss fight will start against Tiamat (one of your companions). Defeating Tiamat will give the following spoils.

  • 94 EXP
  • 104 Ability Points
  • 300 Gil
  • 27x Wyrrite
  • 1x Meteorite
Defeat Ironblood enemies and Tiamat.

Watch the cutscene after defeating Tiamat and then Travel to “The Hideaway” location by holding down the X Button to end the mission.

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