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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Get Ability Points, EXP, and Gil



Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Ability Points, EXP, and Gil

There are various points in Final Fantasy XVI that are tied to the progression of the main character, Clive Rosfield. In order to strengthen Clive, players would have to gather Ability Points, Experience Points, and Gil to not only level up Clive but unlock new powerful abilities to enhance the combat style.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Ability Points, EXP, and Gil in Final Fantasy XVI.

What are Ability Points, Experience Points, and Gil in Final Fantasy XVI

The Ability Points are used to unlock new abilities. Players would have to learn new abilities in order to test out the powerful abilities of other Eikons in the game. Learning new abilities will allow players to grasp the abilities that they find more useful for their combat style and gameplay. The Experience Points are tied to Leveling up Clive. As players reach the threshold of Experience Points, Clive levels up which enhance all over attributes of Clive, making him stronger. As for Gil, it is a primary currency in Final Fantasy XVI that will allow players to buy new Gear Items and Consumables for the journey.

How to Get Ability Points, Experience Points, and Gil in Final Fantasy XVI

All three of these points can be obtained by defeating the normal enemies as well as the bosses engaged in different areas throughout the game. When players engage and defeat a number of enemies in an area, defeating the last enemy in an area will show gained Ability Points and Experience Points on the right side of the screen. As all the enemies drop a couple of Gil, players can collect them by going near their bodies.

Now, a large number of Ability Points, Experience Points, and Gil are obtained by defeating the bosses. Upon defeating the boss, players will get Spoils. The Spoils guarantee contains Experience Points, Ability Points, and Gils where a number of bosses also drop Gear Items, Consumables, and Materials. So, in order to farm these points, players must take part in every combat possible to get as many points as they can to upgrade the respective aspect of Clive.

Gil can also be obtained by completing the Side Missions in different regions and it can also be found at random places all over the world of Valisthea. So, make sure to check out every possible route of the area from where you are traversing to find more Gil.

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